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My name is Courtney Howard, and I live in Frisco, Texas with my husband Rob, my two kids, and my three dogs.  I have been living a gluten free lifestyle for almost 10 years.  When I was first advised to cut gluten out of my diet, I had never heard of gluten and had no idea where to start.   Read more about my story.


Food really does heal – I’ve experienced it first hand, and as a result, I am passionate about sharing all I know with you.  I started my health and recipe blog to show everyone how easy it can be to eat a simple, healthy gluten free diet.  My recipes have very few ingredients, use nothing processed, and are delicious and satisfying.  Most are grain and dairy free as well, as I strive to eat a Paleo or Primal diet!  Subscribe to my blog to receive all my recipes and articles about a healthy lifestyle, and I’ll send you my 3-Day Smoothie Cleanse: the first step to your simple, healthy gluten free life.


In addition to being a food blogger, I offer my programs, ebooks, and classes.  My goal is to help you live a simple, gluten free life you will love.  As a result of my programs, you will…

  • feel amazing
  • gain energy
  • lose weight
  • have confidence
  • be organized
  • save time
  • be social
  • travel

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what you’ll get from my blog…

  • all of my delicious, simple, and healthy gluten free recipes
  • all of my articles about simple, healthy gluten free living
  • information and resources to help you choose real, whole, fresh foods
  • my top tips and for living a Paleo or Primal lifestyle and loving it

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how can I help you?

  • I will send you delicious, simple, and healthy gluten free recipes your whole family will love as well as tips, information, and resources so you can continue to love your gluten free life when you subscribe to my blog.
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  • I offer programs for those new to gluten free as well as the veteran to help you live fully, enjoy life, and feel liberated without gluten.  I will help you create a simple lifestyle that allows you to thrive in your gluten free life.  Read more.
  • I offer ebooks of my programs:  10-Day Fresh Start Detox, Complete Guide to Going Gluten Free, and 10-Week Transformation.
  • I offer classes on gluten free living, sugar, energy, and real, whole, fresh foods.
  • I offer a grocery store tour so you can get started living healthy and gluten free.

my programs…

  • 10-Day Fresh Start Detox: the perfect plan to give your body a clean slate, as you will cleanse from gluten, sugar, and processed foods while taking time out of your busy lifestyle to care for yourself.
  • Complete Guide to Going Gluten Free:  everything you need to know and do to start your simple, healthy gluten free life, making the transition to gluten free living painless and giving you confidence and enthusiasm about in your new gluten free life.
  • 10-Week Transformation:  feel like a whole new you, as you discover the healthiest gluten free foods on the planet, which ones work for you, and how to plan delicious meals including them.  We will address many other areas of your life, so you can become holistically healthy in the long run.
  • Grocery Store Tour:  spend time withe me at Whole Foods where I will show you how to find all of the real, whole, fresh gluten free foods.

I believe in…

  • a gluten free lifestyle:  gluten is a difficult to digest protein that triggers an immune response, leading to constant inflammation that causes a variety of symptoms and diseases.  Wheat is the main source of gluten and has a higher glycemic index than sugar, leading to a destructive blood sugar cycle, weight gain, and diabetes.  Read more.
  • the power of food to heal:  food contains all of the macro and micronutrients needed for our bodies to function optimally, have plenty of energy, and repair and rebuild.  Read more.
  • real, whole, fresh food:  unprocessed, organic, raw, and fresh foods have the highest quality of nutrients to give our bodies the very best we need in order to live the active and exciting lives we love.  Read more.
  • crowding out:  instead of restricting yourself from all of the “bad” foods, discover how delicious and appetizing all of the healthy gluten free foods can be.  Read more.
  • balancing primary foods:  all of the areas of our lives that either nourish or deplete us besides the food we put in our mouths.  Read more.
  • a simple lifestyle:  in this busy, crazy, noisy culture we live in, make lifestyle choices to keep it simple and find happiness and fulfillment with less.  Read more.
  • self-care:  taking time to care for yourself results in more energy and enjoyment in all other areas of your life.  Read more.