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My alarm went off waaaaaaaay too soon this morning.  I was NOT finished sleeping.  It was so dark outside, rainy and cold. Everything in me wanted to stay in bed.  If it wasn’t for my puppy needing to go outside, I might have done just that.  There is nothing better than sleeping in on a rainy day.


A little disclaimer before you read any further – these photos are TERRIBLE!  It was so dark all day that I had a very difficult time getting any meals in during daylight hours, so I had to resort to the lighting in my home verses natural lighting.  What I ate today looks quite unappetizing, but hopefully you’ll get the idea.




After pulling the kids out of bed and making their breakfast, I blended up a green smoothie.  I put spinach, celery, cucumber, mango, apple, and almonds in this one.  I needed to eat early because this morning is a Pilates morning.  I do Pilates with my good friend/tennis partner a few mornings a week at Get Reformed.  Rebecca is the owner and pushes us to the limit every time.  I swear I’d give up if I wasn’t with a friend, as I’m pretty sure it’s only my pride that gets me through it.  Today she had us do the jumpboard on the reformer.  The first few “explosive jumps” were kind of fun.  After 4 modules of them, not so much.  I could hardly roll over to get off the machine when our session was over.




I was ravenous after my workout, so I had a spoonful of almond butter after coming home to get some work done.  Some people can’t eat after exercising, but I do not have that problem.  I prefer raw almond butter to the roasted kind.  I think it tastes better and it’s raw, which I also like.




I love sushi rolls, and I love avocados, so naturally I like avocado rolls.  I buy these small strips of nori at Whole Foods and spread a little mashed avocado with lemon, salt, and cayenne on the sheets of nori, roll them up and have a little homemade sushi roll.  Nori is a type of seaweed, so it is like a supercharged leafy green veggie that is rich in vitamins and minerals soaked up from the ocean.  Because seaweed is like a sponge, it also absorbs the bad stuff from the ocean like heavy metals, so it is important to pick out organic seaweed.  In addition to my avocado rolls, I spread lemon hummus on a couple of hardboiled eggs to get a little more protein.  Although I know it’s popular to discard the yolks of eggs due to their cholesterol and calorie content, I prefer to eat them because they provide some good nutrients like choline and the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.




Late in the afternoon, when my cravings hit, I was hungry for some pumpkin seeds.  So I lightly toasted a handful and sprinkled a few dark chocolate chips on them.  I know that has to be the most bizarre craving, but I crave pumpkin seeds often.  Maybe it’s the zinc?  Maybe it’s the crunch?  Maybe it’s really the chocolate I’m craving??  I’m not really sure, but I’m okay with giving in to this craving.




This photo wins the prize for the worst I think I’ve ever taken.  I promise what you see really is edible!!  We had a tennis match for my daughter this afternoon and then volleyball this evening, so earlier in the day, I put together a meatloaf (if you can recognize it) with veggies, quinoa, and buffalo meat for the family to eat between activities.  I had some left over massaged kale, so I made a quick salad with kale, oranges, radishes, sesame seeds, raisins, sesame oil, tamari, and a tiny bit of honey.  I got Kayley off to volleyball after dinner, cleaned up, finished this post, and now I am determined to get back in my comfies and spend the last bit of this rainy day doing exactly what I wanted to from the start of the day – NOTHING. 😉



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  1. I love the pumpkin seed / dark chocolate combo too! It’s awesome :) I get cravings occassionally too.

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