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I got the most positive feedback from any post (that I can remember!) on the “what I ate today” post I did a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to make What I Ate Wednesday something a bit more regular.  Seems there are a few of you that like a look into my fruits and veggie world, and it also makes me take a closer look at the choices I’m making throughout the day, that’s for sure.


SONY DSCToday is a unique day in our household.  Ben is home sick.  This is the first day he has missed a day of school for being sick since kindergarten!  He simply just doesn’t get sick for some reason.  He missed several days his 3rd grade year because he broke his two front teeth on his birthday while trying out his new bike ramp in the dark, and then he missed a few days due to poison ivy this year.  But I honestly can’t remember the last time he had a fever, and Rob and I can’t remember if he’s ever been on antibiotics.


Well, all that is changing today.  We’ll be heading to the doctor, and I suspect he has strep throat.  Several in his class, including the boy who sits next to him, have had strep recently.  Sore throat and fever are his symptoms.  So, I’ve got the little man home with me today, keeping me company while I pound away on this keyboard.


This day in my food life actually took place on Monday because I started my 3-day smoothie cleanse again yesterday.  After talking with two sweet friends while watching the Superbowl, they decided to do it Tuesday through Thursday this week, and because it’s much more fun to do any kind of cleanse with a group, I jumped on board too.  Today is the second day, and I’m feelin’ pretty darn good!


So here’s what I ate Monday…


DSCN1162Forgetting that I was going to be eating (or technically drinking) all my meals for the next three days, I started the day off with a blueberry kale smoothie.  Kale is not my favorite in a smoothie if I’m being completely honest, but I had a bunch left over from my juicing class on Friday that I didn’t want to see go to waste.  Here’s what went into my blueberry kale smoothie:  cup of frozen blueberries, banana, couple leaves of kale, almond butter, almond milk, chia seeds, and cinnamon.  If I add those chia seeds and cinnamon, I’m not hungry again for hours – nice.



SONY DSCLunch was super easy.  I made hummus to bring to our Superbowl gathering (the lemon and garlic hemp hummus from Monday), and I had some left over.  I decided to use it all up in a veggie wrap.  I spread a good helping of the hummus on a collard green, cut slivers of carrot, celery, and bell pepper to lay on top, and rolled it all up to make a wrap.






For a little something sweet after lunch, I cut up a pear and sprinkled some cinnamon on top.






After school, I grabbed a scoop of peanut butter for a quick snack.  Today was busy, so I didn’t fall into my normal trap of grazing in the afternoon.





SONY DSCThe decision about what to make for dinner was made based on what veggies do I need to use up before my weekly grocery trip.  Tonight it was cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.  My absolute favorite, could eat them any night of the week, recipe for Brussels sprouts is my crispy Asian Brussels sprouts, so that was a no brainer.  I thawed out a few pieces of salmon (I like to buy the big bags of frozen wild Alaskan salmon at Costco), dredged them in sesame oil, seasoned them with sea salt, garlic, and ginger, and then sprinkled some sesame seeds on top before baking for 17 minutes.  Lastly, I steamed my head of cauliflower and made some mashers to round out the dinner.  I am a veggie girl, so this meal was up my alley.


But what about my kids?  Are you wondering what they thought of Brussels sprouts, pseudo mash potatoes, and salmon?  Well, had I served it to them looking like my plate, it would have been a sure flop.  But I’ve learned ways to make my veggie food look a little friendlier to them.  I always have some wraps on hand, which I use to hide their healthy food.  I spread a little hummus (any condiment they like will do) on the wrap, and added their salmon along with some other veggies – romaine lettuce, onion, and avocado are their favorites.  I sprinkled a few extra spices inside before wrapping it up in a kid friendly package.  I find kids like anything they can pick up with their hands to eat, either a sandwich or wrap or something they can make into finger food with a few options for dipping.  This is where having lots of condiments comes in handy to mask the taste of foods that aren’t their favorites and for them to dip and personalize their own food.  My kids actually like the cauliflower whippers (not sure if they know they’re not potatoes??), so they ate their wrap and those, and the obligatory two Brussels sprouts.


So there you have it – what I ate Wednesday (actually on Monday).

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